there will eventually be things here


various things of varying levels of questionable usefulness

cr_bbb - scraping cricket ball by ball data from various sites

player - simple page which embeds a video URL with the browser html5 player. useful for watching videos that are served as attachments or for use with Metastream.

Imthatcreativewithnames - discord theme that looks a lot like this website.

vtuber-tools - ease of access tools for watching vtuber content. this will be updated soon...

tetris - written to learn C and SDL. who is this useful to?

blendimg - blend two grayscale images together to create an unique image using alpha layer.

caps2return - Interception Tools plugin to bind capslock to return key in a platform agnostic (evdev) way on linux.

twitter_rewrite_img_urls - userscript for always opening name=orig images on twitter.

dotfiles - there might be something useful here

this site - features nue, a bash script to generate a static site from markdown files.

there's also some open sources stuff I contribute to here and there, as well as package a few openSUSE stuff.